Take a look at the three manifestation options we offer below.

Standard Manifestation

Standard Manifestation

Otherwise known as self-adhesive graphics or film, standard DDA manifestation is Glass Wall Direct’s lowest cost solution to achieving compliance in regards to building regulations during the installation of glass walls.

In addition to providing window film to each type of glass wall within our range, we can also supply and install new graphics to any existing glass partitions.

Our standard DDA manifestation consists of two rows of either 50mm diameter dots, 50mm squares, or 50mm continuous stripes presented with an opal frosted finish.

When using our intelligent pricing tool, simply provide us with the dimensions of your existing glass wall, and we can offer an instant price, which includes site survey, materials, delivery and installation.

It’s worth bearing in mind that bulk or large orders can enjoy substantial discounts. Contact a member of our friendly team for more details about this.

As you may already know, window manifestation is a legal requirement covered by the Building Regulations Document K.

Graphics are used to clearly mark what might be otherwise “invisible” wall glass and can prevent serious accidents and injuries.

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Band (Stripes) Manifestation

Band / Stripes Manifestation

Offering a distinctive frosted design that can increase privacy, our solid band or stripe manifestation can help your business or organisation achieve building regulation compliance with an element of style.

Often referred to as self-adhesive graphics or film, we can also offer band manifestation on pre-existing glass wall partitions.

Our band or stripe manifestation consists of an opal frosted finish film that can be either 1,000mm or 1,5000 high and a choice of designs are available alongside full cover manifestation.

Provide us with the details of your existing glass partitions through our intelligent pricing tool for a price estimate.

The price offered includes site survey, materials, delivery, and installation by our highly experienced team.

If you would like to know more details about glass manifestation, or details about its legal requirement on glass walls, contact a member of our team through our contact page today.

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Bespoke Manifestation

Bespoke Manifestation

With bespoke manifestation also available, clients are able to create their own stylish designs that offer business personality while complimenting corporate branding.

Our bespoke and logo cut-out manifestation consists of an opal frosted finish film, found at either 1,000mm or 1,5000mm high.

If this sounds like an option for you, simply submit your artwork, or commission Glass Wall Direct to create a small design for you at an additional cost.

We are also able to provide bespoke manifestations on existing glass walls and full cover manifestations are also available.

If you would like to know how much a manifestation would cost on an existing glass wall, check out our intelligent pricing tool for a fully bespoke quote.

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about pricing, manifestation design, or anything about Glass Wall Direct, check out our contact page to get in touch with one of our team members.

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