Acoustic Double Glazed Partitioning

Acoustic Double Glazed Partitioning

If you’re searching for a partition that offers a high quality sound dampening service at a cost-effective price, our acoustic double glazed partition might be that system.

Offering an acoustic performance of up to 48db (Rw), this glass partition is perfect for companies and office spaces that simply require ultimate peace and quiet.

Whether for privacy or simply maximum concentration, our acoustic double glazed partition comes glazed in either 10mm toughened and 12.8mm laminated glass (available up to 2700mm high), or 12mm toughened and 12.8mm laminated acoustic glass (over 2700mm high).

With beauty and performance at the front and centre of our acoustic double glazed partition, we offer a choice of translucent joints, mullion posts or slimline internal aluminium posts to ensure that spaces receive only the maximum amount of light.

While our acoustic double glazed partition comes with a double glazed door as standard, if visual privacy is also required, we can also offer fitting with internal blinds, complete with close and open controls.

Like all our products, we deliver throughout the UK and have travelled through every single county, delivering and installing glass partitions in Yorkshire, Devon, Lanarkshire, and Surrey to name a few.

With no extra fees or costs throughout the surveying, delivery or installation of our glass partitions, check out our contact page for any further information on any of our products and services.

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