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Why open offices and glass partitions are great for business

It’s no secret that we often spend most of our waking time in offices and at work. In fact, the average full-time office worker spends over 3,000 hours a year at work.

It is for this reason that Glass Wall Direct strives to make offices as comfortable to work in as possible.

More often than not we work with offices that have utilised an open office plan with just one or two glass partition offices for management and meeting rooms. With this in mind, let’s discuss why open offices are great for business:

Why open offices and glass partitions are great for business

They improve collaboration

When people are penned in by walls and doors and other barriers, it goes without saying that collaboration and communication can suffer.

When offices employ an open plan design, it ensures that individuals within the company are constantly aware of its internal workings and that people are able to communicate far quicker and easier if they have issues or need a second opinion.

Flexibility is always a consideration

It’s often the case that we visit companies for return work, and when we do, much of the time we find that open plan offices have totally redesigned their layout.

Often, we find this is because the business has grown and that there is a need for intelligent space and room design.

When offices are open, and not penned in by walls and dividers, it is much easier to move people and desks around to the advantage of the business.

Work is more approachable

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work within a walled office or a cubicle, you’ll know how hard it is to get to know other people or even interact in a professional manner.

Although some people argue that open offices can affect productivity, introducing the use of headphones, do not disturb signs, and internal messaging systems, helps to ensure that everyone is working to the best of their ability while morale is kept high.

They are healthier

A study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine earlier in the year suggested that open plan environments are actually healthier for employees.

According to the authors, employees in open offices tend to move around more, opposed to those working in private offices and cubicles. As a result, those in cubicles tend to end up more stressed and unhappier at the end of the day than those working in open offices and environments.

In the study, a group of 231 people went about their average days equipped with cardiac activity sensors as well as triaxial accelerometers that measured how people moved during the day. The participants then reported how tense they felt on an hourly basis.

Those in open offices were 32% more likely to be physically active than those in private offices and 20% more active than those working in cubicles.

More importantly, they were 14% less physiologically stressed outside the office compared to those with less physical activity.

It was therefore concluded that the type of office workstation you use is directly related to your health.

Casey Lindberg, an associate researcher at the University of Arizona’s Institute on Place, Wellbeing, and Performance, said: "These sensors can inform policies and practices that affect the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of office workers worldwide."

If you want to know more about how open offices, or glass or partition offices can help your working environment, contact us today.

Why open offices and glass partitions are great for business