We are specialists in glass wall partitioning

With a wealth of experience installing office partitioning throughout the UK, Glass Wall Direct now offers a modern and high tech solution for businesses looking to buy glass walls and partitions.

With clients being able to benefit from extremely competitive prices, we assess, deliver, and install glass walls throughout many areas in the UK including:

Our clients can be found in nearly every major city and town, including the likes of Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh, meaning that we offer unbeatable prices and services throughout the UK.

Although many interior contractors offer a wide range of micro services for their clients, Glass Wall Direct specialises in providing only high quality glass office partitions.

This means that we are able to provide a dedicated, expert service that takes pride in offering the highest quality glass walls in the industry.

We provide quality glass partitions at competitive prices

Here at Glass Wall Direct, we pride ourselves in taking a modern approach to our work.

Utilising the latest website technology, we are able to provide an unbeatable high quality service while providing some of the most cost efficient prices in the industry.

Our website uses one of the leading pieces of software currently available in interior design and is able to generate an accurate and easy-to-understand price for all your partition requirements.

By selecting the partition type that you require, alongside its layout and dimensions, our smart system updates the costings as you go.

What’s more, you are also able to choose a variety of features including what kind of door you want, and even what type of handles and accessories you want with it.

Due to the fact that our system uses complex algorithms throughout the process, it is able to understand what items and accessories aren’t able to work with one another. This means that you are unable to select items that are not compatible.

As we always like to go a step further for all our clients, our highly experienced technical support team is always on hand to provide the answer to any question that you might have.

With unbeatable technology, combined with the friendliest and most experienced staff in the industry, Glass Wall Direct is able to provide a unique and superior service that combines high quality products at the best possible prices.